A discussion on the tension between the republicans and the democrats during the american civil war

But the left is always keen to distort history, or just ignore it all together as they want to do now, by denying a closer look at Confederate History. It is not a huge surprise as to why Democrats react so viscerally to anything dealing with the history of the Civil War, the role of the Confederacy in that war, and why racism is still a hot topic in the country.

A discussion on the tension between the republicans and the democrats during the american civil war

But what about those who do?

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The young anti-war activists who put their hope in Obama in can perhaps be forgiven this mistake. Coming of age under Bush, whose swaggering cowboy belligerence seemed to define modern conservatism, it was possible to believe the Democratic party—riding a wave of victories in midterms built almost entirely on opposition to the Iraq war—would recognize why they were elected and change the direction of the state.

After all, in the massive wave of anti-war protests in many Democrats came out and marched together against the invasion. By betraying his anti-war supporters, however, Obama was part of a much richer Democratic tradition then he would have been if he had actually ended the wars.

On the campaign trail he never said he would end the Iraq war immediately on gaining office, only that he would start ending it immediatelythe kind of technically-not-lying he excelled at in Indeed, all of the major U.

A discussion on the tension between the republicans and the democrats during the american civil war

Harry Truman, a Democrat, is still the only world leader to use a nuclear bomb on a population. And with the exception of World War II, where almost all anti-war sentiment collapsed after Pearl Harbor, these wars were entered over the objections of the left wing of the Democratic Party.

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But while the presence of that left wing has guaranteed that anti-war liberals rally to the Democratic side, it not yet stopped a Democratic administration from going to war.

What about the way that war has been used throughout the 20th century to stomp on Civil liberties? But blocking out the role the Democrats played in the Red Scare is a victory of liberal historicism, nothing else.

These organizations were the legal backbone and administrative agents of McCarthyism. Furthermore, many of the more extreme strategies of McCarthyism go back to the first Red Scare of The first Red Scare saw anarchists, communists, peace activists, immigrants and labor organizers targeted with arrest, detention, deportation and vigilante violence.

But since Reagan, the Republican right has come snarling out of its isolationist bunker. Ronnie and both Bushes started foreign wars of choice, each bigger and more deadly than the last. The aggressiveness with which Republicans have wrapped themselves in a blood-drenched flag since then encourages us to falsely project that kind of positioning backwards into the past.

But in fact, whenever they get a chance to vote on it, a majority of Democrats in power turn out to be hawks. This is not to say that Republicans are in any way preferable to Democrats.


Rather that the narrative that the Republicans have historically been the party of war, and Democrats all peace-loving doves, is an absurd fiction, one that both parties benefit from.

You can make whatever claim you like about historical contingency, necessity, or immediate context. None of them should convince anyone that the Democrats, as a party, are opposed to war.

They are a party of warmongers. Many of those young anti-war Obama voters learned a hard lesson: Find him on Twitter WilbotOsterman.After losing the war, the Democrats proudly founded the KKK to target Republicans and take back the congress.

At that time all blacks were Republican, in fact the first 23 blacks elected to congress were Republicans and 7 had been slaves. Most of the state Republican parties accepted the antislavery goal except Kentucky. During the American Civil War, the party passed major legislation in Congress to promote rapid modernization, including a national banking system, high tariffs, the first temporary income tax .

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The Republican dominance of post-Civil War American politics is particularly interesting given the fact that the party was less than a decade old when it elected Abraham Lincoln to the presidency in Source: "The Civil War and Reconstruction" by J.G.

Randall and David Herbert Donald Black Republicans From , when the Republican Party was founded, Democrats labeled it adherents "black" Republicans to identify them as proponents of black equality. War Democrats labored to establish differences between themselves and the Republicans, often trying to shift focus away from Union and onto civil liberties and fiscal policies.

“It is not ‘Lincoln and the republicans’ that we are sustaining,” explained New York Democrat Daniel Dickinson to a correspondent. Is there going to be a civil war between Democrats and Republicans one day? Who would win if a new civil war between republicans and democrats broke out?

China, Russia, Britain, Canada, France, the EU in general, Australia.

A discussion on the tension between the republicans and the democrats during the american civil war

If the American Civil War was fought today, who would emerge victorious? The North or the South?

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