An analysis of stress in college students

DISCUSSION A high prevalence of stress among medical students is a cause of concern as it may impair behaviour of students, diminish learning, and ultimately affect patient care after their graduation. The overall prevalence of stress in the study This could be either due to the different instruments used in other studies or it could be a real difference.

An analysis of stress in college students

As I always see and hear, most of the college students are really finding it hard to cope at this stage of their life. Along with problems in academics, college students seem to suffer more from a lot of stresses from other people and also from their environment.

It makes me think of some questions, like what are the different sources of stress that affects college student? How do these stresses affect them with their personal and academic life? With these questions in mind, I am thinking of many speculations and answers that can explain the stress on college students, their sources, effects on the students and the preventive actions or solutions on relieving these stresses.

For me, one of the sources of stress for a college student is his environment. Considering the place where he lives, a student that came from a far place, upon entering college, will be staying in a dormitory or a house near the school.

I think that these will bring him stress since he need to adapt first to his new environment before he can actually live normally in his college life. Here comes the concept of home sickness especially for the case of freshmen since they are not used too in living far away from their home.

This may lead to another type of stress which is the emotional stress, as they will miss their family and friends. Another source of stress that I can think of are the people around a college student, ranging from his roommate, classmates and to his teachers.


The peer pressure that a college student may experience will cause him to suffer from stress. For example, a college freshman who just entered a university was invited to attend an orientation party. In this type of occasion, he may meet different stress causing factors such as the pressure to drink alcohol or use drugs or even worse, the pressure to engage in sex.

It will be hard for him to decide what to do especially if he is not used to drink alcohol or use drugs or have sex with strangers.

An analysis of stress in college students

But he will also think that if he will not participate, he may be out casted by the people around him, and of course, that will cause him a lot of stress.

In speaking of people that causes stress, I can also think of people that are taking the same professional degree as a college student. Different students have different intellectual capacities and when a college student is behind the intellectual performance of his co students, it may cause him stress.

It can either be the stress caused by the pressure during exams or for the case of honor students, the pressure to maintain and improved their grades as mandated by their teachers. Stresses in terms of academics not only brought by competition with others are the possible cause of stress but also by competing to a college students own self and trying to prove to himself that he can pass the subjects that he is taking.

The struggle to cope up with academic stress might lead, as always the case, in sleep deprivation. This is especially through for Freshmen College students who are coping with the lifestyle to get good grades and for graduating students whoa re doing a lot of work and passing terrible amount of requirements.

I can say that sleep deprivation is one of the major causes of stress for college students. There is a high probability that it is directly related to the health stress that a college student might have.levels for college students found the same correlation between high stress levels, negative perception of one’s self, and unhealthy behaviors such as poor diet, lack .

Stress and Its Effects on Medical Students: A Cross-sectional Study at a College of Medicine in Saudi Arabia Risk factors for stress (multivariate analysis) The major finding of high psychological stress in the students of the medical college of King Saud University points to the need for establishing counselling and preventive mental.

STRESS LEVELS OF COLLEGE STUDENTS 1 Data Analysis and Final Research Report Stress Levels of College Students by Gender Rachel Magill Cara Flack. and Stress in College Students Shaye Sedotal University of New Orleans Abstract The purpose of this study is to measure the relationship between physical activity and stress levels among college students.

Stress in College Students. According to a mental health study by the Associated Press and mtvU, eight in 10 college students say they have sometimes or frequently experienced stress in their daily lives over the past three months.

Psychological stress among college students has been getting a lot of attention recently, thanks to articles this year in the New York Times, Huffington Post, and Inside Higher alphabetnyc.comch on.

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