Asus marketing strategy

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Asus marketing strategy

Asus marketing strategy

Asustek Company Overview Asustek is a Taiwanese multinational computer electronics and hardware company. It produces and distributes include desktops, laptops, Asus marketing strategy, mobile phones, and many more, elaborated in the product section.

Each product line has its own genre of products. The detailed product lists of Asus are given below. There are 14 product lines under AsusTek. Asus has main line of products such as Zenfone, Desktop, and Notebook Pcs. And they also have the supporting products of the main products.

From the product lists, we can easily understand that Asus has a diversified portfolio. By this well diversified portfolio, Asus can reduce the risk of product failure and can stabilize its revenue earning.

Pricing Strategy of Asus For the price strategy, Asus always tries to keep the price as same as its competitors. Sometimes, price is lower than that of its competitors namely AMD etc.

For both of the cases, the quality remains high. For some cases, Asus uses market penetration pricing strategy. Market penetration pricing is the price at which a company enters to a new market with a new product. That means, for introducing a new product a company can use this pricing strategy.

We know Asus recently entered to the smartphone market with a strong phase. It used the penetration pricing strategy.

For Asus, Future Is in Innovation -- And Staying in 'Touch' | CMO Strategy - Ad Age

The android phone Zenfone C is available for around Rs In the case of launching a new product, Asus uses premium pricing strategy. This works as it has distinctive competitive advantages in the case of graphics cards. Also, they keep the pricing for all level of customers, so that everyone can buy one.

Second, it uses 3rd parties to be their resellers.

Marketing Mix of Asus – 4Ps of Asus

They buy the products at lower price and sell it to the end customers. Retailers get the products directly from Asus where they are fully functional. Retail buyers buy from the retail shops where they find all the parts and peripherals available.

Asus has alliance with many distributor companies worldwide. In the yearAsus made alliance with one of the giant distributors of South Africa, Mustek.

They are now able to distribute its products all over the country.

How ASUS's Marketing Team Got Everyone to Believe in Content

Asus also has online selling system where they take orders and make home deliveries. Promotion Strategy of Asus Asus uses information spreading promotional strategies. As these products are of modern technology, information about these products is very much valuable.

And the success of the business depends on how you educate the customer about the products. Asus educate its customers through publishing posters, brochures, and paper printing. In this case, printing media gives a great advantage to Asus.

Mainly, they inform about the price and product through these advertisements. It also uses sales promotion with some of its products.

They use discounting strategies.The ASUS marketing department in particular is a great place since we get to exercise our creative side while refining a stronger business sense.

This department has taught me a wide range of marketing skills, ranging from running online advertising to managing large-scale consumer campaigns.". Marketing Mix Of Asus – Asus marketing mix December 23, By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: Marketing mix articles Founded in , Asus is a public company based in Taiwan and is a multinational computer hardware and electronics manufacturer, having its headquarters in Beitou district, Taipei.

Asus' marketing strategy has heightened its efforts to reinvent itself. A recently carried out VivoBook campaign, shifted from the usual back-to-school and holiday push electronics to built advertisements around Mother's Day, Father's Day and summer graduations.

MARKETING. Paige Smith | [email protected] The Marketing Office is responsible for all promotions and advertising within the Society. The Office works with other teams in ASUS to provide creative and effective marketing material. Asus' marketing strategy also reflects its efforts to reinvent itself.

A recent VivoBook campaign, for instance, departed from the normal back-to-school and holiday push electronics retailers are. [pic 1] MKTG Marketing Plan of ASUS Tablet. Submitted by: ROY YONG DONG SHAN NG YUN RUN LOW JIA JUN LEE YOU LIANG TOH YU LIANG.

Executive Summary. This report provide an analysis and evaluation of ASUS’s brand positioning and marketing strategy for ASUS tablet product line.

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