Fineprint company case

Does such a site exist? There are plenty of sites for restaurant reviews, and I would have thought deciding which building company to go with would be much more an important decision than deciding where to go out for dinner.

Fineprint company case

It could be replaced with the BP8 Battery pack. The batteries will probably have crusty white stuff on the positive ends. Fineprint company case even bother trying to zap them. It uses two AA-sized NiCd battery without a converter circuit. Find a 14 picture photoseries of a successful BP6 restauration here.

First crack open the pack by using a butter knife or similar instrument at the catches along the seam. You will see a pair of AA-sized NiCd's and a small circuit board. This is a DC-DC convertor which boosts the 2. Inspect the circuit board for corrosion and other obvious damage.

Fineprint company case

Unless the calculator was stored in a damp area, it should be fine. Otherwise you need a replacement board. As a test, you can do either or both of the following: Get a large electrolytic capacitor e.

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Operations will be a bit flakey but should basically work the capacitor, no matter how large, apparently will not substitute for the NiCd's. Unplug the TI battery pack and set it aside. Find a 9 V power supply or a 9V battery.

Connect this to the red and black wires coming from the logic board connector which went to the battery pack. Black is positive for some reason. However, nothing disasterous happens if you connect it backwards as far as I can tell since I was testing it backwards for quite a while until I caught on.

And, I thought TI was a real company!

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If these tests are successful, the calculator is likely fine and you just need a new set of AA-sized NiCd's with solder tabs to make it as good as new. In case of difficulties refer to the BP7 description. A replacement board could be found here. This article is based on information written by Samuel M.

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How to Repair a Battery Pack.

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The first calculators manufactured by Texas Instruments used standard AA-sized NiCd rechargable batteries. Replacement of bad NiCd's of your Datamath or SR is very easy, dozens of companies sell them even today. Welcome to Builder Reviews.


From the Original Admin person: “I was looking for home building companies, and came across a number of builders. However what I didn’t find was a review site, with customers providing feedback on different building companies. - Wikipedia

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