Psychology thesis hku

Master of Philosphy MPhil: A successful PhD thesis should represent the result of the candidate's research which should be an original contribution to knowledge and worthy of publication. Candidates will conduct research work under the supervision of at least one member of the Faculty's staff.

Psychology thesis hku

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For those who are not thinking of doing a major or minor in the aforementioned disciplines you are more than welcome to leave us at this juncture and maybe join us again in my next article where I will brag about my Trans-Canadian journey that happened during the spring break: So, initially I thought of majoring in Psychology with a minor in Cognitive Science choice to minor in Economics is another story, I will discuss in some other article and also study Spanish as my fourth language or probably fifth if I count in my limited proficiency in French!

Left with more units to study even if I am officially finished studying a HKU equivalent course here at UCLA, I decided to make the big move, which is actually just doing some basic change in settings in your online student portal!

By the end of my exchange I will be done with all my core courses in Psychology and even some courses from my second major so for the remaining two years at HKU I can focus on my second concentration along with working on my thesis, which actually helps my profile since I intend to do PhD in the field of Cognitive Neuroscience that deals with cognition, brain and behavior.

Psychology thesis hku

So in order to major in Psychology no matter as your first or second major you need to complete 96 units of credits which more or less involve studying courses with around courses from the Psyc Dept. Two important things before I move on to explain the logistics of taking Psyc as a minor are that, first of all, majoring in Psyc requires a lot of stats so if you are not up for it then better drop the plan of majoring in it a lot of freshmen who initially want to major in Psychology forego their plan after doing the Introductory Stats course offered by Psyc Dept.

Psyc as a minor is fairly much simpler and extremely flexible since now you just need to study 36 units of Psyc courses i.

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I think Figure 1 and 2 are self-explanatory in this regard. This is because I can double count 2 pre-requisite courses that I already did from other disciplines for my first major along with Bio and Cog Psyc that are two of the numerous electives offered in Cog Sci that I already studied for my first major.

For remaining 48 units I need to take 2 introductory courses aw once again, I thought was done with them in my first year: These are the only three courses that are exclusive to Cog Sci discipline since all the other electives come from the dept.

Therefore there is great flexibility in terms of choosing which particular stream to focus in Cog Sci. A computer science major who wants to do a major or minor in Cog Sci can just focus on doing electives from the Artificial Intelligence stream while a Philosophy major can focus on the Philosophy of Mind stream.

As for me, I am specializing in Brain and Cognition coz that relates back to my research interest. Similar like doing Psyc as a minor, when Cog Sci is taken as a minor, you just need to 36 units of credits which include the two core courses Foundations and Seminars in Cog Sci while the rest you can choose from the courses offered by the 4 departments that jointly handle this discipline.

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For more info on each course offered by Psyc dept.Dipen BARUA, The University of Hong Kong, Center of Buddhist Studies, Graduate Student. Studies Buddhist Studies, Buddhist Philosophy, and Buddhist Psychology.

Dipen Barua is currently studying for a PhD in the Centre of Buddhist Studies, The. ”Personality, Passion, Self-esteem and Psychological Well-being among Junior Elite Athletes in Norway” By Lars Bauger Supervisors: Prof. Martin Eisemann & Master Psychol. Hans Christian Vangberg Master thesis in Psychology Department of Psychology Faculty of Health Sciences.

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It’s not necessary for anyone who is majoring in Psychology to write a thesis which is a unit year-round course, if you have satisfied the 96 units as seen in Figure 1 (to zoom in click on the image once). MSS To be eligible for admission to the courses leading to the degree of Master of Social Sciences in the field of Educational Psychology, candidates (a) hold a Bachelor’s degree with honours with a major in Psychology, or a recognized.

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