Some thoughts on health is wealth

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Some thoughts on health is wealth

It is truly said for the human beings. Students studying in lower classes like 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 generally get assigned to write some paragraphs by their class teacher.

It helps teachers to enhance the English writing skill and knowledge of the students about any topic. They can learn any paragraph without problem as all the paragraphs are written in easy words and simple sentences.

Some thoughts on health is wealth

They can select anyone of these paragraphs: Long and Short Paragraph on Health is Wealth in English Health is Wealth Paragraph — 1 Health is wealth is a common proverb which reveals a very simple meaning by comparing the value of health with the wealth.

It is said in this proverb that health of a man is as much important as the wealth to live a healthy, peaceful and prosperous life. Everyone knows that nothing is important in life than the good health.

Some thoughts on health is wealth

No one can be happy and peaceful without a good health. Unhealthy people carry various diseases so they cannot enjoy the real pleasure of being a rich people.

Money is only a source to remain in the state of happiness. People having sound health enjoy their life in all aspects like physically, mentally, socially, intellectually and financially.

Maintaining health is not so simple however not so easy too. Good or bad health depends upon several factors including genetic condition, healthy food, environment, life style, sleeping habits, social status, psychological condition, financial condition, family status, air, water, and many more things.

It has very literal meaning that good health is more than important to the money. There are nothing have been blessed to us to be stable all through the life except a good health. People who do not have good health are very poor even if they have lots of money.

They cannot buy a good health however can maintain a good health using their money. People should follow healthy life style in order to get good health. People who are not involved in the healthy life style may suffer a range of health disorders like overweight, high blood pressure, obese, heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney problems, liver disorders and so many.

Money matters however, not as important as health. Spending lots of money on five star hotels or other entertainment sources for a day but living a bad daily routine is not good. Being physically and mentally healthy helps a person to be socially and financially healthy too.

Here are some tips which can help a person to be healthy and happy: People should avoid unhealthy foods having high calories.

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Everyone should eat their breakfast at right time. Maintaining balanced diet is very necessary task in order to get healthy. Daily physical exercises, yoga and meditation are also important part of healthy life. Any bad habit such as smoking, drinking alcohol, bad life style, etc should be avoided.

People should follow less salt and sugar as well as more water intake strategy to be healthy. It indicates a very clear meaning that health is more significant for a person than the wealth.

A healthy person can perform any task however; a wealthy person who is suffering from untreatable disease can never buy a good health. A healthy person whether rich or poor lives more happy and peaceful life than any rich person having a diseased body.

A healthy person becomes more energetic and work with full efficiency to earn wealth however; a rich but diseased person gets easily tired by both, physically and mentally. Building health is a tough, continuous and time taking procedure however; one can lose health in minimum time.

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Unhealthy person spends lot of money over medicines and doctors.May 13,  · Thoughts on “Pre-Historic” Art In looking back over the great arc of human art (mimesis), we encounter the earliest examples of human creation originating thousands of years ago.

We are told that some 30, years ago prior to the first Ice Age, there was a seemingly spontaneous explosion of human creativity in Europe. Health is the most important and Long Lasting Wealth. But unfortunately, most of us in a race to earn Materialistic Wealth,ignore it.

If we are not Healthy then we will not be able to enjoy the. This December, we post some closing thoughts from people across the organization - together, we share pride and gratitude for the strides we.

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Every penny taken from the wealth creating sector stifles economic growth. As Churchill warned us, no nation can tax itself into prosperity. Some Thoughts on Health Is Wealth. Reflections on health is wealth.

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