Write an essay on the rule of naickers in tamilnadu

Gautam Budh Nagar, U. An year-old boyallegedly committed suicide atthe Kenyan High Commissionpremises in Vasant Kunj here onFriday morning.

Write an essay on the rule of naickers in tamilnadu

But the way Dalits and those suppressed are being treated by the people who wield power and authority speaks volumes for the degradations of our moral structure and civilized standards.

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Narayanan was a lauded hero and a distinguished victim of his Dalit background. He was visibly upset and it proved that a Dalit who rose up to such heights was never spared from the pangs of outcaste-ness and untouchability, which is based on birth.

Thus, if the erstwhile first citizen of India faces such humiliation, what will be the plight of the last man who is a Dalit?

write an essay on the rule of naickers in tamilnadu

The Dalits were considered untouchable for thousands of years by the Hindu society until the Constitution of India officially abolished the practice of untouchability in The rigid rules of the caste system were codified in the Manusmriti, a Hindu religious text which decreed that Sudras and Dalits were to be distressed for subsistence.

Max Weber, perhaps the most outstanding comparative sociologist of all time, clearly defined the social identity of the Hindu in terms of caste, and of caste in terms of ritual.

Before everything else, without caste there is no Hindu. In studying untouchability, we have chosen to view it through the eyes of the relentless crusader, Periyar E. He was a social revolutionary who vociferously campaigned against untouchability and called for the annihilation of the caste system.

For six decades, he powerfully influenced the course of politics in the South- Indian state of Tamil Nadu. His ideology and struggle to attain rationalism, caste-annihilation, self-respect and women liberation have made a permanent impact on the entire nation. He works vigorously to spread the revolutionary principles of his mentor and he has established numerous institutions as permanent memorials to Periyar.

This book is organized into four chapters. In Chapter One we just introduce the basic Fuzzy and Neutrosophic tools used in the analysis of the social evil of Untouchability.

Since the notion of caste is based on the mind, it is appropriate to use Fuzzy and Neutrosophic theory. In Chapter Two we use the opinion of several experts to analyze the various aspects of untouchability. Here, we use the tools that have been described in Chapter One. We have represented 16 such graphs in this book.

In Chapter Three we give a brief introduction about the life and struggle of Periyar. We have provided more than pages of translations of his writings and speeches that dealt with the issues of caste and untouchability.

In the final section of this chapter, we have provided a compilation of the various atrocities undergone by Dalits in present-day India. The fourth and concluding chapter gives observations drawn from our mathematical results based on the Fuzzy and Neutrosophic analysis.

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A list for further reading is also provided. A study of this kind is being carried out for the first time.

write an essay on the rule of naickers in tamilnadu

We have used mathematical tools to study this sociological problem because we wanted to perform a scientific study of this system of oppression.

We have retained the original words in the translations. We feel that it was our lifetime duty to render this service to the great leader Periyar who devoted his entire life to working for the rights of the subjugated people. Life and Struggle of Periyar E. The challenge rose in the Tamil country like a whirlwind, spearheaded by an iconoclast who questioned the Vedas and the gods as well.

He took apparently extremist positions on some issues, but the fundamental nature of the social revolution he wrought was clear even to its victims.Form No. 11 (See Rule 8 Of the TamilNadu Societies Registration Rules, ) CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION UNDER SECTION 10 OF THE TAMIL NADU ACT, (TAMIL NADU ACT FORM No - TNREGINET.

Naickers established a year rule which perpetuated the `sanadhanic' oppression and cruelties in every village. I want to briefly write about the status of TN castes after the independence, or more appropriately, the British left.

essay by one P. Ramakrishnan in E&P .

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ANALYSIS OF PERIYARS VIEWS ON UNTOUCHABILITY, alphabetnyc.comha Kandasamy, alphabetnyc.comdache, alphabetnyc.comamy. Home; Documents; ANALYSIS OF PERIYARS VIEWS ON UNTOUCHABILITY, W.B. You can help Wikipedia by reading Wikipedia:How to write Simple English pages, then simplifying the article.

Ancient Tamil Nadu contained three monarchical states, British rule ( – ) Madras Presidency. National Flag Controversy: “I Did Not Attend Any Independence Day Celebrations Since Late 50s” Says Wiggie “Since I participated as a Senior Cadet at Royal in late s at the Independence Day’ Parade at Galle Face I did not thereafter attend any Independence Day Celebrations up to date.

Periyar’s Views on Untouchability - A Fuzzy and Neutrosophic Analysis. Dr.W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, The essay ‘The Mahatma and Varnashrama’ was sent to the Mahatma also.

Because we have come to this firm decision, we struggle to eradicate it. We write only with the sadness that for the nation’s liberation and self-respect, it.

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