Writing a communication strategy for development programmes in nigeria

Evaluation and amendment Objectives Your objectives are the key to the success of your communications strategy. They should ensure that your communications strategy is organisationally driven rather than communications driven. Your communications activity is not an end in itself but should serve and hence be aligned with your organisational objectives. Ask yourself what you can do within communications to help your organisation achieve its core objectives.

Writing a communication strategy for development programmes in nigeria

About Key steps in designing a communications strategy Effective communication is driven by the purpose of the campaign: Within the overall campaign strategy, the communication strategy defines how to capture the attention of the target audiences and convey a compelling campaign message. During the campaign planning process, the problem has been identified, the situation analyzed, the stakeholders and target audiences identified, and the campaign objectives or intended outcomes set.

This forms the basis to begin crafting a communications strategy. The following are the mains steps involved in developing a communications strategy: Set the communication goal and objectives: In some campaigns for behaviour-change, communication goals and objectives may be identical to the overall campaign goals and objectives e.

More commonly, communication goals vary according to different target audiences. This is the norm in advocacy campaigns as primary and secondary target audiences need to be reached differently and will likely take different types of action.

writing a communication strategy for development programmes in nigeria

CEDAW and the Convention on the Rights of the Childand ii stimulate voters to demonstrate their support for a new national law incorporating international standards, e. Develop key messages that effectively speak to target audiences: Messages should be tailored to resonate with the target audience s — various versions of the message may need to be prepared to reach different audiences.

writing a communication strategy for development programmes in nigeria

It may need to be adjusted — while maintaining the essence of the meaning — to be better understood. It is also important to consider who will deliver the messages, i. For example, behaviour-change messages resonate better from peer groups of the target audience, but awareness and advocacy messages might resonate better from celebrities and politicians.

See also Crafting the Campaign Message.

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Read the campaign case study. Mauritania — A project started by midwives in Mauritania to assist survivors of sexual violence benefited immensely from the participation of local imams. AMSME provides a variety of programs for women and girls, but one of their key strategies in working to change public opinion was to bring imams on board with the project.

Project founders targeted progressive imams and gained their support. Imams attended local sensitization workshops and justified the project as a humanitarian program that would benefit the suffering and vulnerable. Imams ultimately developed religious rationales for project activities such as counseling and providing medical care to rape victims.This Global Communication Strategy Development Guide for Maternal, Newborn, Child Health and Nutrition Programs Guide has been conceived as a step-by-step tool for MNCH program managers, program planners, and communication specialists to use when conceptualizing, writing, implementing and assessing their programs.

The Guideline is divided into two main parts: doing the analysis and developing the strategy. It begins with advice on the analyses needed for strategy development: the development issue, the program to be supported, the participants and their behaviors, and the communication channels.

Communication Strategy Process After careful research about communication strategies and their elements, a ten step communication strategy has been developed to assist nonprofit organizations. This process can be seen on the next page in Figure 1. The Corporate Communications Manager is responsible for engaging one of the Company’s key stakeholder groups – employees - behind the business strategy.

Key steps in designing a communications strategy

In so doing, the Corporate Communications Manager sets the tone for the Company’s ongoing information sharing capacity with . To view by post date, including past notices, please choose a date range. UNICEF Bangladesh Programme Communication Coordination Team has prepared this Guideline, Writing a Communication Strategy for Development Programmes, as a practical manual for development professionals.

The Team has developed this tool to guide the actual writing of a communication strategy for a programme or.

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