Writing a laboratory quality manual for 17025

Home Documentation for ISO Documentation is important but it is critical to realise that it is not, in itself, the quality system. Because the major obstacle that you see when you decide to adopt a formal quality system is the production of the documentation, it is easy to fall into this trap. The quality manual is, typically, prepared and checked by laboratory management, usually under the overall co-ordination of the quality manager. It should, however, be formally authorised for issuing from as high a point in the management hierarchy as possible; chief executive, director general, chairman are typical points.

Writing a laboratory quality manual for 17025

The Guidelines for Codex Committees and Task Forces describe the organization and conduct of meetings and the preparation and distribution of working papers and reports.

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A section describes principles for admitting NGOs to Observer status. The Format for Codex standards and an explanatory note on how Committees and Task Forces should draft Codex standards are described here. A section describes the criteria for the establishment of work priorities and for establishing new subsidiary bodies.

To ensure that the appropriate sections of Codex Commodity Standards have been reviewed for food safety, nutrition, consumer protection and food analysis, a section on the Relations between Commodity Committees and General Committees is included for guidance to Codex Committees and Task Forces.

Membership of Regional Coordinating Committees is open only to Members of the Commission belonging to the region or group of countries concerned.

Such countries may participate fully in the discussions of the Committee and shall be provided with the same opportunities as other Members to express their point of view including the submission of memorandabut without the right to vote or to move motions either of substance or of procedure.

International organizations which have formal relations with either FAO or WHO should also be invited to attend in an observer capacity sessions of those Codex Committees which are of interest to them.

The member country concerned is responsible for appointing the chairperson of the Committee from among its own nationals. Should this person for any reason be unable to take the chair, the member country concerned shall designate another person to perform the writing a laboratory quality manual for 17025 of the chairperson for as long as the chairperson is unable to do so.

A Committee may appoint at any session one or more rapporteurs from among the delegates present. The secretariat should have adequate administrative support staff able to work easily in the languages used at the session and should have at its disposal adequate word processing and document reproducing equipment.

Interpretation, preferably simultaneous, should be provided from and into all languages used at the session, and if the report of the session is to be adopted in more than one of the working languages of the Committee, then the services of a translator should be available.

The member country should consider arrangements for holding Codex sessions in developing countries. Chairpersons should, before finalizing the drafts, inform and consult with the national Codex Contact Point where one has been established, and, if necessary, obtain clearance from the national authorities concerned Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, or as the case may be.

Invitations should include the following: Replies to invitations will normally be requested to be sent to reach the chairperson as early as possible and in any case not less than 30 days before the session.

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It is of the utmost importance that by the date requested a reply to invitations should be sent by all those governments and international organizations which intend to participate. The reply should specify the number of copies and the language of the documents required.

The Provisional Agenda should state the time, date and place of the meeting and should include the following items: There should also be reference to the Committee papers relevant to the item, d any other business, e consideration of date and place of next session, f adoption of draft report.

The work of the Committee and the length of the meeting should be so arranged as to leave sufficient time at the end of the session for a report of the Committee's transactions to be agreed.

Ad hoc working groups established to accomplish specific tasks shall be disbanded once the tasks have been accomplished as determined by the Committee. A Codex or Coordinating Committee may not set up standing sub-committees, whether open to all Members of the Commission or not, without the specific approval of the Commission.

Papers for a session prepared by participants must be drafted in one of the working languages of the Commission, which should, if possible, be one of the languages used in the Codex Committee concerned. Documents circulated at a session of a Codex Committee other than draft documents prepared at the session and ultimately issued in a final form, should subsequently receive the same distribution as other papers prepared for the Committee.

Codex Contact Points will be responsible for ensuring that papers [8] are circulated to those concerned within their own country and for ensuring that all necessary action is taken by the date specified.

Consecutive reference numbers in suitable series should be assigned to all documents of Codex Committees. The reference number should appear at the top right-hand corner of the first page together with a statement of the language in which the document was prepared and the date of its preparation.

A clear statement should be made of the provenance origin or author country of the paper immediately under the title.

writing a laboratory quality manual for 17025

The text should be divided into numbered paragraphs. At the end of these guidelines is a series of references for Codex documents adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission for its own sessions and those of its subsidiary bodies.

Members of the Codex Committees should advise the Committee chairperson through their Codex Contact Point of the number of copies of documents normally required.A2LA offers a full range of comprehensive laboratory and laboratory-related accreditation services and training.

The foundation of any laboratory’s reputation is built on confidence in its ability to provide correct and reliable data.

ISO/IEC 17025: Data Integrity Begins with Employee Integrity

ISO/IEC , subclause d, requires that your management system “have policies and procedures to avoid involvement in any activities that would diminish confidence in. forensic biology quality assurance/quality control manual audits and assessments date effective approved by quality assurance manager.

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Ensuring laboratory compliance with ISO requirements Assisting the laboratory manager to meet the testing schedule Supporting operations with regard to maintenance, allocation, and procurement of test equipment and lab supplies ISO/IEC QUALITY MANUAL.

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